Single Tree Sheng Puerh – 2022 – Rare loose leaf tea from Thailand – Organic young raw pu-erh cake, pressed fermented tea


Sheng Puerh tea cakes from one specimen. 2022 harvest. Lightly fermented in the traditional sheng – or raw – fashion.

This is an exceptional small batch of single tree harvest. All the leaves from those cakes are from a single, century old, wild tree. The tree in question is the one from the photos. It is located in the jungles of Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand.

The leaves are processed and pressed in Doi Wawee, Chiang Rai region.
Available as 200g cake, or smaller samples.

Fresh taste with aromatic herbs notes and a vanilla finish. Complex taste with round liquor, and a potential of astringency.

Will age very well.

Cultivar: Wild Assamica
Region: Chiang Dao, Thailand

Brewing recommendations:
95c, 4g, 10 sec. steeps in gfc, or 3 minutes for big pots

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