Sheng Puerh Maocha – 2023 – Premium loose leaf tea from Thailand – Organic young fermented tea unpressed


Fresh maocha is “unfinished tea”, or unpressed puerh.
This batch from february 2023 comes from wild tea trees in the Chiang Dao region.

It is super young and fresh and bursting with flavour. Maocha is translate as "unfinished" tea, but really it's Puerh not yet pressed. So the leaves have been made ready to age and store, but instead came out to the market for immediate consumption. A "coup de coeur" of mine. Fragrance of lemon peel and surprisingly soft texture. (These young sheng can be quite astringent).

Bright and zesty. Strong "huigan", lemon peel notes, orange notes, delicate and sweet.
Oily texture, strong Cha Chi.

Cultivar: Wild Assamica
Region: Chiang Dao, Thailand

Brewing recommendations:
95c, 5g, 10 sec. steeps in gfc, or 3 minutes for big pots