Oolong Tea from Ancient Wild Trees Premium loose leaf tea from Thailand Organic and Wild


This is a very original tea. Semi oxidized oolong made from wild Camellia Assamica leaves.
Dara – a 5th generation tea artisan – and her family, go venture in the forest behind their home and pick the leaves for this tea from old trees, estimated to at least 200 years old. They are wild native plants, and the leaves are hand processed in the small family factory.
Unique and full of character. It is sweet and fruity to the nose, reminiscent of dried strawberries. The liquor is thick, with notes of stables and hay, and a honey finish, almost sour. Wild and unconventional, with a bitter potential, like a young sheng puerh: do not over steep.

Brew at 95°C, 4g for 20 seconds onwards in 100ml Gong Fu Cha container, or 3 minutes in a large pot.