Oolong Bai Hao Premium loose leaf tea from Thailand Organic Oriental Beauty


Famously known as Oriental Beauty, this tea is made by plants and insects. Leaves bitten by a bug thriving at 1300m of altitude are plucked, and the natural bug repellant produced by the plants give Bai Hao it’s signature taste.

Heavily withered and left to oxidize just past 50%, this tea originally from Taiwan is cultivated and processed with care in Northern Thailand – where the plants strive in the rich soils of Doi Mae Salong – by Taiwanese descendant experts. Pesticide free gardens.

Strongly aromatic and generous. Fruity, woody, spicy. Honey, flowers and ripe peaches notes.

Cultivar: Qing Xing
Region: Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

Brewing recommendations:
95°C, 4g, 15 sec. steeps in gong fu cha
Or 4 minutes for big pots

Other names for this tea are “Panzhuang Oolong”, “Bangfeng Tea”, or “five-color tea”.

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