Black Tea from Ancient Trees Premium loose leaf tea from Thailand Organic Gushu Hong Cha


This "Gu Shu Hong Cha" tea comes from old specimens, growing naturally for centuries in the mountains of Northern Thailand. They border the plantations of Mr. Zhang and are reserved for more delicate teas. They are estimated above 250 years-old.

Rich in flavour and generous in infusions, it offers a dark red colour liquor, with smells of dried fruits and roses.

Cultivar: Wild Assamica
Region: Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

Brewing recommendations:
95°C, 5g, 15 sec. steeps in Gong Fu Cha, or 5 minutes for big pots

NOTE: It is now offered in rolled form. The tea is the same but this year's batch has rolled leaves instead of loose leafs. (Better for preservation).