Black Tea Dong Fang from Thailand – Premium loose leaf tea from Thailand Organic Hong Cha from Bai Hao cultivar


This black tea is made from the same Qing Xing cultivar as the Bai Hao oolong (oriental beauty). Similar notes of honey and olive oil, but in a fully oxydized tea, adding some woodiness and depth. Grown and processed in the mountains of Doi Mae Salong, northern Thailand. Organic garden.
This delicate tea won an Award in China, last year.

Olive oil smell, sweet and unctuous liquor (oily). Highly fragrant, with notes of honey, flowers and chocolate.

Cultivar: Qing xing
Region: Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

Brewing recommendations:
95c, 5g, 15 sec. steeps in gfc, or 5 minutes for big pots